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Who Are We?

Cambodian Rice Run started in 2017, when Marita and Todd (Founders) decided to branch out from donating to various charities to actually getting on the ground and trying to make a difference while holidaying in their favourite country. Marita was introduced to Tammy Durand of ABCs & Rice, a small charity school in Siem Reap and asked her to help her co-ordinate her dream on the ground. 


With a goal of trying to get 100 bags of rice to deliver to at-risk families, the first year the crew smashed this goal raising enough money to buy 194 bags. By the second year, and with a goal of 200 bags, the goal again was smashed with 433 bags delivered. In 2020, just two months out from heading back to deliver more rice, COVID-19 hit and changed everyone's lives. 2020 seen many challenges, but thanks to Tammy and the Cambodian Rice Run Team we have continued to deliver rice and food packages to families in Cambodia. 


Cambodian Rice Run was officially registered as a Charity in October 2020 and a board of directors were formed. You can meet them below. All our directors are amazing people, dedicating hours of their time to coordinating fundraising. Tammy is our Cambodian rock, doing all the hard yards each month ensuring that our food is delivered to those most in need.


Cambodian Rice Run has also forged a friendship with CHOICE Cambodia during 2020 and we sponsor lunch at the CHOICE Primary School, which involves feeding up to 250 children, 5 days per week and employing 2 Cooks, as well as doing some rice runs in the local squatter villages.

Meet ou​r Crew

Marita Tarrant

Founder & Director

Jane Fulton

Director - Tasmania

Todd Tarrant

Founder & Director

Barbara Giamalis

Director - South Australia

DI IND.jpg

Di Ind

Board Member - South Australia

Gill Brown.jpg

Gill Brown

Director - South Australia

Chris Hills

Director - Tasmania

Our Vis​ion, Mission and Core Values

Our Vision

Cambodian Rice Run's vision is to support on the ground NGO's in Cambodia, by providing food security to families identified as being at risk; and providing financial aid where needed. 

Our Mission

Cambodian Rice Run's mission is to work in partnership with existing non-Government Organisations and communities in Cambodia, providing regular food security to identified at risk families. We aim to assist in breaking the cycle of poverty and disadvantage through our food programs and providing access to emergency relief for trusted NGO's where needed.

Core Values

Integrity - in all that we do both in Australia and Cambodia.

Respect & Dignity - to those we work with, and for.

Accountability - to our Sponsors, NGO's on the ground and local Communities.

Compassion - for the communities we work within.

Collaboration - Working together with all relevant stakeholders to achieve the overall goals of our projects in a timely and honest manner.



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