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Lunches With Love

Working in conjunction with the Butterfly English School in a small rural village 100 kilometres from Siem Reap, Cambodian Rice Run is seeking Sponsors to be part of a very special projected called "Lunches with Love".


Butterfly English school has 100 children and most often the lunch provided by Cambodian Rice Run is the only nutritious meal they will receive all day.


Sponsors are asked to set up a direct debit of only $5.00 per week to be donated each Friday to Cambodian Rice Run to help feed these children. Your $5.00 contribution will feed 100 children a hot meal, rice and fresh fruit twice a week! How amazing is that! Our goal is to be able to feed these children 6 days a week but to do this we will need 180 sponsors.. so spread the word.


As a thankyou, you will be invited to join a private Facebook group for sponsors only where you can keep up to date on the school and these children each week! You must be a contributing sponsor to access the Facebook group.


To participate in this program, please fill out the below form to contact us and get your recurring payment set up:


Email Address*


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