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Image by Daniel Bernard

House Building Projects

We have been so blessed to be supported in our endeavour to build homes when these projects have cropped up. We use a mix of direct donations, raffles and fundraisers to allocate funding to these projects as they arise. Everyone deserves a safe home to live in. 

Grandma Heng

When we first met Grandma Heng in 2022 we were shocked at the living conditions she and her daughter were living in. Grandma Heng's biggest concern was what may happen to her daughter when is no longer here. As you can see below the house they were living in was just not acceptable. Each wet season the entire shack would flood ruining all of their personal possessions. There was no security and they were basicallly squatting on a niece's land. With the assistance of local charities on the ground we were able to secure her a piece of her niece's land (donated and legally now Grandma Heng's) and build her a secure home. 


Grandma Heng's Home Now


Grandma Yay's New Home


Chann & Lech's New Home

When we heard about young couple Chann & Lech and their two small children we knew we had to help them. With the assistance of all our generous sponsors we built them this little red home! Proceeds from our Thermomix Raffle helped also.

Grandma Yay is one of our long term sponsored Granny's. She was displace to the Run Tae Ek Village last year and we have given her a home she deserves thanks to our generous sponsors!

Some of our other recent Builds

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