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Providing Food Security to Everyday Cambodians

Cambodian Rice Run directly supports existing non-Government Organisations & Communities in Cambodia by providing food, housing, medical and financial aid.

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Cambodian Rice Run

Established in 2017 and registered in 2020, we have been delivering rice to families in crisis, in conjunction with on the ground NGO's including ABC's & Rice, and Building Communities Cambodia in Siem Reap. Since this time we have expanded to include not only monthly rice runs to 50+ families, but permanent family sponsorship, Granny pensions, House builds, Wells, a medical clinic with an employed Khmer Nurse, our amazing Lunches with Love Programs (with an employed Khmer Cook); and other aid as needed and assessed. We keep our overheads low and aim to use less than 5% of fundraisers to pay the necessary admin costs and bank feeds. When we have specific fundraisers for purchasing bicycles, building a hour or purchasing food packs for families, 100% of your donation goes direct to the family/child involved.


If you would like to help us out on a rice run or lunch sponsorship

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